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Company Information:


Psycle Workz are a complete motorsport engineering and fabrication company. From a small billet part to a complete chassis, we have the facilities to get you onto the track.


With a 25 year background in motorsport, all of our products are designed and engineered with motorsport in mind. Strength, lightness and durability are at the forefront of design and production, and as with all Psycle Workz's components , they look good too.


We have dealerships with some of the best parts available as well, so you can be sure of quality every time.


Our complete design service also offers solutions for difficult issues, or just for that custom piece, and with the background of building and racing some of the quickest motorcycles in the world, attention to detail and tolerances are always our first priority, which is why companies like Lola Race Cars were a main client.


Apart from motorsport we also work with design and development companies with proto-typing and tooling for a variety of products.


Based in Peterborough, Cambridgeshire we fabricate all components in house, no work is contracted out to other companies, allowing our customers to see progress as it is happening, which also allows us to keep our prices competitive. 


 From conception to the finished article, whatever product you have in mind can be 3D modelled, allowing you to see the finished article before even a single cut has taken place. This enables us to produce very high specification parts, within limited time frames, reducing costs and time. We can also import any iges,dxf file or logo for branding so items can be produced quickly and efficiently.

CNC Machining


With todays CNC Machines, everything is possible in regard to producing the parts that you need. Whether functional or just purely for show, billet parts stand up to the mark, either on the fastest vehicles in the world, or the best in show. We only use the highest quality certified aluminium, giving you the ultimate part for your car or motorcycle. Bespoke parts can easily be produced, and the extent of customising is only limited to your imagination. Products can be machined from aluminium, steel or plastics and we can accomodate one-offs to small batch runs.




Motorcycle chassis, custom or race, to car chassis modifications or a complete set up. we have the facilities here to cater for what you need. Also our welding department can provide services for all those specialised parts, and include aluminium, chromoly and stainless steel. Powder coating and shot blasting facilities are also available, and we have full tube bending and metal folding machinery

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